Tuchreiniger Quick Clean 500ml

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Shipment only inside of the EU possible (ADR, Dangerous Goods UN1950)

A professional formula for cleaning Pool & Billiard table cloth. David Hodges' Quick Clean is gentle and effective dry foam cleaner.
Directions to use: 
Shake the can well before using. Test a small inconspicuous area for compatibility. Hold can upside down, at 45 ° about 24” to 36” above the table. Stand at the side rail and using a sweeping motion point the can at the corner and quickly press the nozzle all the way down and broadcast a light mist of foam above the table from one corner to the other and then down the middle from one end to the other. Move to the other side and repeat the same procedure for the other side of the table. Immediately wipe the foam up with a dry Micro fibre cloth or a lint free cloth. Blot the racking spot to prevent bleeding the black colour onto the cloth. The table is ready to play when you have finished the wiping.
..made in USA

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