Shaft JOSS Hi-Performance 13mm

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The Joss High Performance shaft 29“ has a low deflection package installed in the front of the shaft but we did not stop there. The ferrule is an integral part of any low deflection high performance shaft. Made from first selection Canadian maple.
Standard 12.75mm. The Joss shaft has an insert made of linen base phenolic fiber. This insert will hold the pin snugger than a standard brass insert and keep the shaft vibrations to a minimum when trying to spin the ball. The Joss High-Performance Shaft Black ring shaft comes with the Joss Premium layered tip.All new Joss shafts will have the old original three-quarters of an inch capped ferrule. This ferrule will still be threaded on a wood tenon but will be just a bit shorter. This type of ferrule has a better hit and feel. The shorter tenon has less of a chance to hinge over and  inadvertently spin the ball. At the same time it is very strong and will result in a longer lasting cue.