Queue VIKING A-226 13mm58"

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Smoked grey stained American Pool Cue, created for the moderate player, from the leather tip, to the rubber bumper, this Viking® Cue is constructed with the best components, experience, and care in the billiards industry.  99% of the parts for this cue are US made and guarantee that the product is 100% American made. Length 58”


· Le Pro Leather tip 13mm

· Viking SUPER Ferrule ¾” long, capped and threaded onto the shaft

· V PRO™ Hard Rock Maple shaft (Aged 5 years)

· Extreme Control & Accuracy

· 12" to 14" Pro Taper

· Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish

· Northwood’s Maple Forearm

   Pressed Irish linen wrap, black

· High Impact Black (IMA) joint, flat faced with a brass insert

· Viking 5/16 x 18 Pin, Quick Release, Stainless Steel

· High Impact Modified Acrylic butt plate with Viking Logo

· Threaded Rubber bumper

· Lifetime warranty including warpage after registration at the factory