Queue CLASSIC Carom 2-tlg 12mm

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Carom cue in the traditional design of the 80s, suitable for all disciplines.
The shaft made from Canadian maple with wooden screw joint, ivory colored short 10 mm nylon ferrule, Ø 12 mm, equipped with a medium hard Le-Pro leather tip. For the forearm, 2 varieties of selected plain woods were selected, spliced and carefully glued. The handle is decorated with 4 round mother-of-pearl inlays (imitations) in the lower handle area and above, bounded by two circumferential milled decorative rings, bordering the grip area with traditionally milled diamond patterns above and below. To protect the cue butt against scratches, the surface is polished and sealed.The conical Canadian maple shaft is only natural sanded with a smooth finish for a perfect feeling and ball control. The ivory colored bottom plate has a replaceable impact rubber.
Standard length 140 cm (55 ") weight about 19 ounces