Queue CLASSIC Carom 2-tlg 12mm

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Carom cue in the traditional design of the 80s, suitable for all disciplines.
Top with wood screwed connection, ivory colored short 10mm nylon ferrule, Ø12mm. The lower part consists of 3 harmoniously coordinated dark woods. The simple design of the wood gives the cue a noble appearance, combined with discreetly inlaid black inlays; in the upper area as well as in the tail. The beautifully grained smooth polished handle is framed by 3 milled grooves. The surface is sealed for protection against scratches. The maple top is polished and natural. The tail also has four black inlays as an ornament. The ivory colored plastic end piece has a replaceable impact rubber.
Standard length 142cm (56 ") weight about 510 grams