DigiCue -BLUE- Trainer USA


DigiCue ™ BLUE Smart Trainer, New for iOS, Android Smartphones and Tablets Sync.

The DigiCue app available for free download. The next developed generation of the traditional trainer DigiCue ™, installed in a matching grip sleeve, which can be attached to almost any cue base, whether pool, snooker or carambole.
The DigiCue ™ Blue continuously monitors and analyzes your impact for inaccuracies or misalignments, and instantly signals feedback on the smartphone or tablet for a detailed analysis by gently vibrating.
to short backswing (Jab Strokes), not straight swinging, improper lateral body movements (Body-English) and too early coming back from the impact position.
The DigiCue™BLUE will encourage you not to change posture every time you hit it, it will educate you to keep your body and head steady during the push. This makes every bump permanently more consistent and uniform.
The DigiCue ™ is available in 3 different modes: Beginner, Experienced, and Advanced.

Rempe's Trainerball+DVD DE/EN

Special Pool Training Ball „Jim Rempe“ 57.2 mm ø Full-Version mit DVD in 2 Sprachen (Deutsch, English, PAL/NTSC, 45 Min.) und Lehrbuch in 6 Sprachen (Deutsch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian)
6 Sprachen, DVD engl und deutsch

DVD Training m J.Rempe DE/EN


KAMUI Diamond Slicer 24 Stück


The Kamui® Diamond Slicer is a training tool which helps with aiming for the player that uses the “Diamond System” or just need the help improving on banking and kicking skills. Very easy installation. Peel off the backing of one slicer decal at a time and follow, connecting each Diamond stripe around the table. Trim off excess decal wherever the decal overhangs on a pocket. The fit and finish is nice and clean. You can lift and reposition the decal but the decal basically can be used only once; reposition sparingly. Available for Pool tables 7, 8, 9 feet and Carom.

(contents 24 pieces (one set)

Buch -PAT Stufe 1-


DVD Training PAT-Level 2 DE/EN


DVD Lehrgang PAT-Level 3 DE/EN


Frottier Handtuch -MEUCCI-


Frottier Handtuch -JOSS-


Frottier Handtuch -FALCON-